How they make “The Walking Dead”

I LOVE when they show you how they take something and make it so much more. Plus it doesn’t hurt that while “The Walking Dead’ is easily one of the worst acted shows on AMC, its still one of my favorites. Season 2 can’t come soon enough!!!. Anyone a fan of the comic/series? Thoughts?

RIP Flip Cameras, but SRSLY

Dear everyone on the internet,

Stop freaking out about Cisco killing off the Flip camera line.   Granted it makes me sad to hear 550 people losing their jobs but the Flip camera has been a terrible product for a long time.   The quality was meh for 720p, they didn’t have image stabilization and when they did it was bad stabilization that made people nauseous, AND even when they ran ad campaigns on YouTube half of those YouTubers filmed those videos with a superior camera.

Also the Slide HD…….retarded.

So lets compare. The Ultra HD starts at $129.99 and the Slide HD is $229.99.


To start, Sony Bloggies and “camcorders” of this price range suuuuck donkey balls.  But a fun fact is digital cameras shoot very nice HD footage in a very tiny body.  Anyone who says otherwise is an uppity douchebag looking to feel superior.  Canon Powershots (Please make sure the one you buy also shoots in 720p) ranging from $129 to $230 are a much superior product.  Many people have informed me that Sony has digital cameras that shoot 720p (CyberShots), but I don’t have personal experience with Sony products in this price range so I can not comment on those.


Now if you have some extra cash and want something this small, YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG WITH A Canon Powershot S95 ($399).  This is easily one of the best cameras you can find for under $400.  It is a budget vloggers dream.

I personally use a Sony NEX-5 ($649) because it comes with interchangeable lenses (a wide angle comes in the box, which is important because you’ll be holding it close to your face), has a relatively small body, and shoots in 1080p AVCHD which plops right into Final Cut without converting.  Once again this is perfect for my personal needs. I need something that fits into my pocket, shoots on SD cards, has 1080p quality, my fingers won’t accidentally cover the in cam mics, and plays well with lots of file types w/o converting because I post vlogs every day.

Main point:  Flip’s are dead.  This is not a sponsored post, but now that I think about it I should have made affiliate links :-p.  This is my personal preference and opinion.  Hope it helped.