Fast Food Hotties

The freshman 15 is inevitable.  30 or 40?  Well that’s vegetable neglect.  This is what happens when your diet consists of fast food and beer.  I know personally :-p

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Pale Kid Doesn’t Only Rap Fast (Interview Project 1: George Watsky)

My name is Jenni Powell. Some of you know me from my work on the first few episodes of BlackBoxTV.  I also wrote for Tubefilter and have been a huge fan of YouTube and web series since 2006.  Phil asked me to work with him on a project that would share with The Nation some of the artists and creators on YouTube that you may not have had a chance to check out yet…including ones suggested by you.

When beginning this project, Phil and I were bouncing around ideas on what format it could take and the discussion lead to video interviews.  He wanted to know a creator I thought would be interesting to introduce that had a unique voice that people may or may not be familiar with. Without hesitation, I said, “George Watsky.”

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Desiree Elyda is my new favorite

Desiree Elyda is my new favorite person today thanks to the Nation constantly sending in her pics,  her plentiful assets, and just generally being awesome.  Now lets be honest yes…..gigantic boobs, but her eyes and lips are amazing.  Student/model/actor/killer of millions of sperm.  You can also follow her on Twitter.

Alison Brie is my new favorite person today.

Alison Brie is easily one of the funniest women on tv right now, so rather than respect her for her craft lets objectify her for the next 5 minutes. HOOOOOOOOOOT.  In summation:  While many people say there is nothing hotter than a girl who is funny, I must correct them and say, “that there is nothing better than a hot girl……in her underwear”.

Also if you haven’t seen her on “Community” you are wasting useful time that could be spent laughing.

Ancillia Tilia is my new ScarJo (NSFW-ish)

So something that I always do every year on tax day is write to my local congressman/woman and let them know I’m pissed!!  We clearly don’t see Scarlett Johansson like this enough.

But luckily we have the next best thing.  A SCARJO Doppleganger by the name of Ancillia Tilia.  Granted her name sounds like something you get from a hooker in Thailand but she is HOOOOOOOOOT.  And like my grandma used to say,” I’d hit it like the fist of GOD!”.  God bless her soul.


Hi Nation HumpDay Gallery (NSFW-ish)

SO…..a while ago we started doing a thing called “Hi, Nation” where the ladies of the Nation would send in a picture and we might feature it on the site.   Well I stopped doing it because I got overwhelmed with too many projects and it slipped through the cracks.

SOOOOO… here is a gallery of some of the ladies of the Nation who gave a few minutes of their day to make you smile…. 🙂  Keep in mind there were a lot and many may have gone to spam or been deleted through accidents or redundant file names…so don’t be sad if you don’t see yours.

If you want to make the Nation happy you can send your own pictures to

Mortal Kombat Knows Its Audience

The Mortal Kombat marketing team knows their audience is full of pervy kids. I’m no different. I mean half the reason I played DOA was because I loved grappling moves using chicks with boobs the size of my head. Anyways enough of why I was a virgin til I was 18; these are the 3 “for web” videos they made.

Who do you think is the hottest?