Fast Food Hotties

The freshman 15 is inevitable.  30 or 40?  Well that’s vegetable neglect.  This is what happens when your diet consists of fast food and beer.  I know personally :-p

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McDonalds Beating Victim Speaks Out (Chrissy Lee Polis)

Chrissy Lee Polis is a transgender woman. Chrissy Lee Polis is a white. Her attackers are 18 and 14 year old black women. NONE OF THAT SHOULD MATTER, but sadly it does.

We live in a world where hatred still exists over race, religion, sexual orientation, identity, and anything else that is different or we don’t understand.  Chrissy Lee Polis should not have been beaten with several piece of shit McDonalds employees standing idly by video taping the attack.

Polis’ account confirms most of the Facebook-driven speculation that she’d been targeted for using a woman’s bathroom. She says the attack was “definitely a hate crime,” and tells the Sun that the dissemination of the tape on the internet has worsened the aftermath of the assault.

The women in this video should face hate crime charges.  A person shouldn’t have to worry that 2 stupid bitches find it weird that a female transgender is using the female restroom.  A person should not be worried about violence being brought upon them because they are who they are.  We’re all different and thats why its so awesome.   End of story.

Antoine Dodson Arrested

Antoine Dodson was arrested at around 2:30 AM near Huntsville, Alabama for marijuana possession. He was also booked on charges for failing to appear in court on a traffic charge, failing to have insurance, and speeding.

Still less embarrassing than going on The George Lopez Show…..

Pale Kid Doesn’t Only Rap Fast (Interview Project 1: George Watsky)

My name is Jenni Powell. Some of you know me from my work on the first few episodes of BlackBoxTV.  I also wrote for Tubefilter and have been a huge fan of YouTube and web series since 2006.  Phil asked me to work with him on a project that would share with The Nation some of the artists and creators on YouTube that you may not have had a chance to check out yet…including ones suggested by you.

When beginning this project, Phil and I were bouncing around ideas on what format it could take and the discussion lead to video interviews.  He wanted to know a creator I thought would be interesting to introduce that had a unique voice that people may or may not be familiar with. Without hesitation, I said, “George Watsky.”

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Pale Blue Dot- Animated Short

Enjoy this animated illustration of Carl Sagan’s stirring reflection on Voyager 1‘s iconic photo of our home planet, the “Pale Blue Dot.”

Happy Earth Day.

Ron Weasley Smokes Weed

Cannabis Inhaleum! This is allegedly a photo of Rupert Grint, the actor who plays Ron Weasley in theHarry Potter films, smoking from a bong at aHarry Potter cast party. Could be fake, but I want to believe. Something tells me he wasn’t just doing extra coursework for Herbology teacher Pomona Sprout!*

I’m guessing because people have nothing better to do people are freaking out about Rupert Grint possibly smoking weed.  REALLY?  We care about something that while technically illegal is less harmful than alcohol?  BTW did you notice that almost every guy from the Harry Potter movies has gotten jacked?  You’re welcome ladies.  I care about you too.

Desiree Elyda is my new favorite

Desiree Elyda is my new favorite person today thanks to the Nation constantly sending in her pics,  her plentiful assets, and just generally being awesome.  Now lets be honest yes…..gigantic boobs, but her eyes and lips are amazing.  Student/model/actor/killer of millions of sperm.  You can also follow her on Twitter.