Fast Food Hotties

The freshman 15 is inevitable.  30 or 40?  Well that’s vegetable neglect.  This is what happens when your diet consists of fast food and beer.  I know personally :-p


94 Comments on “Fast Food Hotties”

  1. Sherry says:

    It’s so sad because from the way they drees in the after pictures they still think they are hot. 😦 And omg the boobie sizes… Fast food makes you have giant boobs? Gimme some!

  2. Jay says:


    Curse you Ronald McDonald!!!!!

  3. MMMMMMMMM says:


  4. Yaara says:

    This makes me physically ill. Ugh.. jesus, a bit of exercise and a freaking salad won’t kill you, ladies.

  5. Brittany says:

    These girls are still hotties. Still beautiful. I worry more about their health.

  6. Jonah says:

    Ok that last chick was never hot

  7. Matt says:


  8. Jenlovesgreen says:

    It’s funny because some of that shoop is obvious.

  9. leadspot says:

    they get fat on the boobies? isn’t that a good thing?

  10. Touchstone says:

    I very nearly started weeping half way through… such a shame

  11. TheBlackdragunov says:

    Correction: “This is what lack of self control and exercise does to hot girls”

  12. Tim says:

    Please tell me most of these are photoshopped or posted backwards, and girls went from fat to skinny 😦

  13. Teresa says:

    Man. This scares me. Being in college, I’ve seen many people put on weight. It’s from all of the stress, lack of sleep, fast food, beer, and spending hours stuck in a classroom or planted in front of a computer. I myself have even experienced a little bit of weight gain.

    This makes me want to go to the gym and get the body that I had in high school back. I mean, I’m by no means fat, but I’ve definitely gotten soft and lost the muscle tone that I used to have.

  14. TauraCasanova says:

    Wow…. That is so sad

  15. sonja says:

    Aside from the obviously photoshopped ones….. yes there seems to be a tragic situation going on here.

  16. Ruben says:

    Holy Crap!! why!!!!!

  17. Preston Norman says:

    The second one looks photoshopped! But the Dollar Menu is a killer! lol

  18. Kylie says:

    I promise to never let that happen to me. (I like me some veggies) ❤

  19. Boredgeek says:

    Some of them look bad after gaining that weight, but some of them still look damn hot. Maybe thats because I like girls that are bigger, but not sloppy big. A lot of those girls aren’t sloppy big.

    Who knows, maybe their metabolisms just caught up with them, or maybe they were jamming their fingers down their throats as teenagers and when they hit college they were like “Fuck that noise”.

  20. Darksavr says:

    Umm..Could pregnancy be the cause of some of these.. the dramatic increase in breast size make me wonder.. plus being pregnant does a number on your hormones, which could also contribute weight gain and giving the common proportions of these ladies it would seem to fit..Plus..well…they are [most of them] hot and seem to be in school, where I dunno sex happens.

    • xopiva says:

      pregnancy will do it if u dont take care of urself afterward… but beer and crappy choices in diet will do the same. i dont feel soo bad now cause it happen to me. but im slowly taking it off. sorta

  21. Poor, poor hotness squandered by fatness, makes me sad in the pants. Give those girls a shakeweight haha.

  22. rocko... says:

    to be fair… you should be posting pix of guys as well!! i know i would be on that list!! ha…

  23. anon says:

    at least 1 is obvious photoshop some others are definitelly over much time and its just metabolism slowing down. 1 that i noticed was hot whatever her size.

  24. cz says:

    I tried so hard not to gain the freshman 15 I literally almost developed an eating disorder… but now I am a happy 10-15 lbs heavier. Luckily I was underweight so now I right at normal

  25. paulotoc says:

    Time will destroy everything!!

  26. Kevin says:

    Eh, I’d still hit some of them

  27. michael says:

    No this is what happens 5 years after highschool DUH

  28. Cortney says:

    A lot of this also has to do with the aging process. When you’re seventeen and can wolf down a Big Mac, extra large fries, and a Big Gulp, you have the metabolism to burn it off. Twenty seven? Yeah right. You’re lucky if you can have ice cream without it going to your thighs. Know your bodies, ladies. ADAPT!

  29. jonneh says:

    Phill… im honesly curious what goes on in your head…

  30. Carolyn says:

    Haha i promise that wont ever happen to me!!! Im kinda lazy but damn i wouldnt let myself go like that!!

    • wannabet says:

      Post a pic of you now with your name. I’ll look for you in 20 years and we will see. After pumping out a few kids and going thru years of self loathing and hatred on how you didn’t do anything with your life you will get fat. It’s either that or suicide but you seem more the type to make others miserable. Make them pay for your own mistakes.

  31. alessandro says:

    you say it’s fast food, but half the chicks are holding more or less alcoholic beverages in their hand..

  32. mitch says:

    oh my god the humanity, there is a crisis in the united states and I see it now. Fast food must be stopped.

  33. chelles says:

    You think the girls are bad, do a guys version. Trust me, guys are far worse at self control when it comes to the beer and junk food.. So many hot guys I used to know just a couple years back have gone way down and FAST.

  34. beckasue says:

    It’s the choices they make that do this to them, you should know that Phil! The only reason he doesn’t have guys on here is because a majority of his followers are male that are just as biased as he is when it comes to women, aren’t you lucky you have a woman that overlooks the former chubby you!!

  35. steven says:

    so ya nice timeline in the fastest way to gain weight!!

  36. Malin says:

    Oh my god, what is happening to people?

  37. Thanatos says:

    Ah, such is life! And then, in the end, we all get old, wrinkled and ugly as fuck… who gives a rat’s ass.

  38. Amanda says:

    Phil you are what is disgusting me right now! How dare you do something so mean like this! Some people by the way like big girls!

    • Some people like big girls, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with a big, healthy girl who is bigger boned, but still looks after herself by exercising a bit and makes conscious, healthy choices (ie cutting down on fast food). It’s the chubby chasers who like their women severly obese with a lil’ bit of bacon grease still on their lips who aren’t quite right. If no one indulged these women, they wouldn’t have any reason not to trade their Big Mac for a healthy bowl of whole grain pasta.

      • Whole grain pasta is still a major carbohydrate. Just like whole wheat bread. Try this, pasta once every 2 weeks and sprouted wheat germ bread (tasty!).

  39. NowAVegetarian says:

    I was eating Easter chocolate when I saw this…its all gone now. I’ve chucked it. Stupid-ass girls.

  40. ben says:

    A new age of beauty. American manufactured.

  41. Neros says:

    Its more like how fast food made hot girls. Mmmmm gimme.

  42. ohhh RIP my dear dear boner alas your are gone forever

  43. strong man says:

    Those girls are hot hot hot wow and nice boobs 🙂 Hi girls!

  44. Melly Mel says:

    Total lack of control, these girls just look like walking heart attacks! I had a baby, started off at 109 delivered at 145 and lost the weight within 3 weeks! So my point… Lazy people stay fat and die early. Simple as that… Hopefully they were college kids who eventually get insurance and not live off the government to fund there Dr. Visits for high blood sugar, diabetes and so on! Hit the treed mills ladies! Take your health serious! Your body is your temple.

  45. Ron says:

    This is fake and gay. This was photoshopped the same way that the commercials for those diet pills do it. Shame on you for believing this.

    • lol ohh the most epic of troll comments “fake and gay” its really not photoshopped… well atleast not all of them i have seen it happen to people hell it has happened to me (though not as bad as some of these) if you gain that much weight to fast from purely fast food and booz you really do look that comical… and bloated.

  46. Jennifer says:

    Am I the only one that things this is awesome?! I’ve always hated looking at beautiful skinny bitches wearing skimpy shit and I would always think, “just wait til you get pregnant, bitches.” LOL! The world IS fair after all.

  47. Dreisel says:

    But on a good note: At least they have big chesticles

  48. Some of these girls are still hot in their after picture. I’m usually into chubby chicks, but it’s hot when they can pull it off.

  49. hi says:

    i like the before pics better

  50. Jake says:

    Am i the only one that thinks some of the “after/fat” girls are kind of cuter than they were when they were slim?

  51. Christopher says:

    Operation: Fastfood Joints

    Mission: Burn ’em all down

  52. Zulanz says:

    if you look at these in reverse order, it makes a great weight loss commercial.

  53. jay says:

    So it’s a gallery of stick figures who got sexy? Hell, sign me up! To the idiots out there, if you like a girl that has the body of a boy you should probably explore your sexuality a bit more.

  54. Kayola says:

    So many WhiteKnights trying to defend the fatties

  55. Accuser says:


  56. Jack says:

    Fast Food are bad for everybody!

  57. knave says:

    i thought this was the Tavia Spizer Gallery…

  58. samus says:

    Why does it matter what they look like? Are they only valuable as people based on their looks? If this is what college does let’s take a look at their grades and judge them based on that.

  59. Gus says:

    What a revelation, you behave like a pig and you suddenly morph into one.

    Really it’s not the beer and fast food that’s to blame. It’s the idiot consuming the crap.

    They didn’t just wake up that way one morning.
    They’re just lazy and thick.

  60. sydandtaytum says:

    …whoa, that is my biggest fear. good motivation to stay on track diet/exercise-wise tho. maybe i should look at before & after pictures regularly.

  61. Nicc says:

    Kids was the first thing that came to my mind. Woman get lazy after having kids, try to “simplify” everything and end up gaining weight. I’ve had three and I actually look better than I did in school. It took a while with the last one bc I fell into the rut most women do… But I do have to say a couple of them chicks were pretty heavy and skinny

  62. LordJessussWorshippor says:

    These fat whores will go to Hell twice….one time for being fat glutons and two times for being whores.

  63. Waverleigh says:

    I think that this was really unnecessary. It’s a testament to how America eats, but it’s also horribly cruel. You should all be ashamed, and I’d love to know if any of you have ever gained some weight? AS a FORMER ‘Fat’ Girl, I think this is just flat out mean. Congratulations on perpetuating the problem. You are all douchebags.

  64. Nathan says:

    IMO some of those girls needed a bit more weight on them. Ex. Girl #18

  65. CAKE says:

    Why has no1 stoped this yet :O

  66. Oki says:

    It’s the beer. I’ve gained a total of one pound since starting college and when I actually lived with room mates, I lost 5. I ate nothing but fast food and my metabolism is shit. The only difference is I refuse to drink.

  67. YouWaiseF says:

    2nd girl, 2nd picture. Eminem wanna be ?

  68. Sad says:

    Too bad… Damn fast food. There would be so many hot girls out there whit out MC DONALDS…

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