Pale Kid Doesn’t Only Rap Fast (Interview Project 1: George Watsky)

My name is Jenni Powell. Some of you know me from my work on the first few episodes of BlackBoxTV.  I also wrote for Tubefilter and have been a huge fan of YouTube and web series since 2006.  Phil asked me to work with him on a project that would share with The Nation some of the artists and creators on YouTube that you may not have had a chance to check out yet…including ones suggested by you.

When beginning this project, Phil and I were bouncing around ideas on what format it could take and the discussion lead to video interviews.  He wanted to know a creator I thought would be interesting to introduce that had a unique voice that people may or may not be familiar with. Without hesitation, I said, “George Watsky.”

Watsky had already hit our radar around the office. His video “Pale Kid Raps Fast” was passed desk to desk and Phil had featured it (the video now has over 8 million views).  I then explored his YouTube channel and discovered that being able to rap fast was just the tip of the iceberg with Watsky.  Here lied a true celebrator of hip-hop and spoken work poetry as an art form, using it as an expression of the struggles of just being alive: from dealing with having a lisp to what it feels like to have a seizure to tackling the challenges of being…inexperienced.  From the overarching to the personal, Watsky presents poetry in a way that is engaging to those who might have once considered it stuffy and old-fashioned.  He also plays the harmonica and doesn’t use an Emcee name.

And did I mention he’s just 23 years old and has been doing this for 9 years? You do the math.

And check out Watsky’s latest:

23 Comments on “Pale Kid Doesn’t Only Rap Fast (Interview Project 1: George Watsky)”

  1. Justin says:

    Love this guy, so glad you guys decided to feature

    • Hate says:

      Bought his cd a few months ago after i saw the few vids he has on youtube, money well spent. i vote ronald jenkees for next interveiw

      • Mrak says:

        Second for ronald jenkees. He’s such a great artist, but I don’t know much of anything about him.

      • Jenni Powell says:

        Ronald Jenkees is amazing but might be hard to get since he hasn’t put out a new video in two years from what I can see on his channel.

  2. Linden says:

    I really like this guy because he rap about things you can relate to.

  3. i love watsky i watched a crap ton of his stuff a little after his raps fast video hit about 2 million views. Ill have to check out his new stuff you showed some things that didnt look familiar. BTW great idea for a new segment of stuff for the nation im always looking for new content to consume.

  4. Bradshaw says:

    Awesome video about ths pale kid. I played his video repeatedly over and over trying to catch his words. Even with a lisp he still sounds crisp.

  5. Leroy Jenkins says:

    this guys pretty good,he reminds me of twista

  6. JustAnotherLondoner says:

    I love Watsky! I’ve been subbed to him for ages! He’s crazy talented 😀

  7. Izram says:

    Lol respect for this guy..

  8. Anan Anwar says:

    So much respect for this kid. intelligent, creative, unique.

  9. randomfangirl says:

    I’ve known about Watsky for a while now and he’s so awesome. I’m glad you featured him.

  10. sydandtaytum says:

    hey phil, so glad ur featuring lesser known tubers that deserve it- there’s two i love that have very few viewers–

    1)TheRetarCrew- they r a comedy rap crew out of chicago. watch ‘mini money’ or ‘ninjaology’

    2) DeliciousBathwater- comedian that raps under the name ‘yung dick’ to make fun of lil wayne. watch ‘who is yung dick???’ and ‘my jeans are tighter than yalls’

    i dont know them personally, i just wish they got more views cuz they make me laugh.

  11. Erin says:

    There is one youtuber that I found recently and I think he is amazing. His channel is aconnmann. He doesn’t sing, but he has a show where he does rants and challenges

  12. Dave says:

    If anyone hasn’t seen he’s done a few shows on Def Poetry Jam! good watch if you like slam poetry

  13. sarahbynum says:

    this was great you should do more of these, Georgeis f***ing awsome!!!!:)

  14. Geoff says:

    Phil and Jenni, I definitely think it would be cool if you guys could feature Danna Richards. She got some props from the ctfxc and from Shay, but shes really talented and definitely deserves some publicity. Shes the gal that has been making a song a day for about 230 days now. That would be pretty cool but im not sure if she is in the bay area or not.

  15. What-What? says:

    I think the most epic thing ever would be to have George Watsky and Bo Burnham make a song together. I’d probably die and go to hell but, hey, it’d be worth it.

  16. Sherry says:

    love his Who’s been Loving You video ❤

  17. […] more, check out Phil DeFranco’s SourceFed interview profile (below) on Watsky, which is produced by the multi-talented (and Tubefilter writer) Jenni […]

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