Pale Blue Dot- Animated Short

Enjoy this animated illustration of Carl Sagan’s stirring reflection on Voyager 1‘s iconic photo of our home planet, the “Pale Blue Dot.”

Happy Earth Day.

16 Comments on “Pale Blue Dot- Animated Short”

  1. Aaron says:

    HERE HERE! i was never one to celebrate earth day even if i knew how small our existence was. but that video was really ahh inspiring, thanks for sharing it with us Phil. even if most will completely miss the point there will be those few like me who see that our world is the only speck in this ocean of emptiness that we call our home. that maybe, just maybe we should stop letting conflict rule us and and rise above it all before our speck is no-longer. that we will never know when or if it will happen but if we are not careful that this speck we call earth could become just another lifeless planet forever suspended in space, telling a story of the waring people that once called it home. much like the first earth the home of the 13 tribes in the re-imagined BSG, unlivable and deserted. sorry if I’m ranting, i felt it needed to be said.

  2. Inaki says:

    Amazing post. Amazing point. Amazing planet.

  3. philv says:

    cool, and its on earth day 🙂

  4. Ryan says:

    Carl Sagan was the man. I’ve always loved the Pale Blue Dot description.

  5. Finn says:

    Carl Sagan, what a legend.

  6. squirrelthug says:

    If you get a chance try to “find” the audio book Pale Blue Dot “somewhere” online. Its voiced by carl sagan himself and if you found this awe inspiring that audio book will be one hell of a treat.

  7. I like being reminded about how petty my worries are every now and then.


  8. Risabella says:

    wow….. thats about the only thing i can say… other than… this deeply moved me….. thnk u for showing this phil… 🙂

  9. Joanna says:

    inspiring but sad at the same time. i feel like we will never learn how to respect and protect this planet. people will never understand that we should be grateful to have the earth as our home. after all we are just a pale blue dot and nobody really gets that.
    this video does put a lot of things into perspective when you watch it but if you chose to forget about it later then you’re back in square one….
    maybe all that sounds pessimistic but how can we deny that it’s true?
    thanks for posting this Phil. 🙂

  10. SUSAN SHELL says:

    I have always appreciated Carl Segans ability to, not only give words to the less tangible aspects of our meager existence, but his willingness to spoon-feed the concepts to the shallow thinking throngs which comprises most of humanity.
    I am, once again, awed by his elegance of articulation.

  11. Jacob says:

    Why am I crying all of a sudden?

  12. Nick Haroulis says:

    Carl Sagan, a modern day sage, inspired me through the “Cosmos” series witch I had the joy to watch as a youngster. Seeing now, in my early forties, that the jems of his work still inspire and provoke people into thinking, I can only but hope that, through the internets, people will reflect on their impact to this pale blue dot we call “Home”. Mind you, Mother earth was here a long long time ago and will definitely be here a long long time after we humans perish, giving life to who knows what lifeform. The dinosaurs ruled for millions of years. We “rule” for what? Half a century? A hundred years? And were already on the brink of destruction. Carl gives a subtle point in that. You don’t have to be an ecologist to love yourself or your offspring, witch is the true point in loving your home. The Pale Blue Dot.
    Thank you Phil.

  13. melissa C says:

    what is that music playing in the background???!!! I know it, just cant hink of the name

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