13 Comments on “vice_article-006-550×829”

  1. O.o says:


  2. jason says:

    There’s a very high probability that those tits are fake.

  3. Chris says:

    If I could touch them, then they’re real enough for me.

  4. jason says:

    Fake shmake who can complaineither way

  5. Jimmysdad says:

    I would do so much to her…like take her out to dinner.

  6. Ricky says:

    she is unzipping her jacking for me

  7. I can’t even say somethin bout her that doesn’t make me sound like a creep that’s how fine this woman is!!

  8. Sheska C. says:

    This is my opinion & mine only, I don’t know about the rest. But who cares about those breast being fake or not?! To be a woman that beautiful no need to have large breast LOOK AT HER FACE! Those eyes, those lips, pale skin & that dark black hair. There are woman out there that are very sexy & they don’t have large breast or ass. As well to begin with to be sexy all you need confident! That a major YES on being sexy. Rock with it!

    She hot & please I hope that for real she is a geek because OH YEAH major fantasy in here! Woo!

    This being a thought of Sheska C.

    P.S I’m a female & I support this message LOL.

  9. kevv says:

    we’ve all banged eylida, even when she had blonde hair and claimed to be a virgin while dating kai.

    my buddies and i share her.
    shes a fake use to be fat craving attention slut.

  10. Ana says:

    They’re real. Well, they look real.

  11. avital says:

    oh my god
    she is haaawt

  12. LoneWulf says:

    She’s absolutely gorgeous before she displays her assets, displaying them just makes it absolutely difficult to look away…

  13. Cody says:

    I can think of 47 dirty things I would do to her

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