Taco Bell Wins! Mocks Losers!

If you are unfamiliar, law firm Beasley Allen brought a lawsuit against Taco Bell for not selling real beef in their diarea causing burritos.  So Taco Bell put out this full page ad explaining their beef was real.  Turns out real beef IS used in Taco Bell food.  Since then:

Beasley Allen may have dropped its class-action lawsuit, but Taco Bell isn’t entirely satisfied.

In a full page ad that ran in today’s edition of the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, and The New York Times, the Yum! Brands division asked the Alabama-based lawfirm to apologize for claiming that its meat mixture doesn’t meet the USDA’s requirements to be called “beef.”

“You go it wrong,” Taco Bell tells Beasley Allen in the ad, “and you’re probably feeling pretty bad right about now. But you know what always helps? Saying to everyone, ‘I’m sorry’.”

32 Comments on “Taco Bell Wins! Mocks Losers!”

  1. Amanda T says:

    Oh wow… that is actually pretty hilarious. And of course they should apologize! Defaming a company before you even checked the validity of your claims? Bad practices.

    • TRUTH KILLA says:

      lol i just went into a Taco Bell recently, and there was a paper on the wall explaining that there beef was 88% USDA approved beef.
      Now they are trying to say it’s 100%??!
      Looks like they are the ones lying to themselves…

      • Carissa H says:

        The USDA only states that beef mixtures have to be 75% real beef to claim that 100% label. It’s kind of funny, actually.

      • Shane says:

        They do use 100% USDA approved beef. After they add seasonings and the like, 88% of the product is still 100% beef. The other 12% are additives to flavor it.

      • Lluisot says:

        The company claims that their tacos are made of 88% USDA approved beef and a 12% of their “secret recipe”, that’s why they say that the beef is 100% approved.

      • Matt says:

        The beef that they use is 100% USDA approved, but the recipe contains other ingredients.

      • Another Commenter says:

        The recipe of their seasoned beef calls for 88% USDA approved beef. I must urge you to recheck the paper on the wall, as I believe that it says something along those lines instead.

      • Jackofassses says:

        Actually what it says is that 88% of the ingredients is 100% pure beef. The other 12% is a “house blend” of other ingredients and is available for everyone to see on taco bell’s website.

        12% can be seasoning and flavoring and stuff mixed in with the beef. It’s not like you’re going to find 12% dog meat in there or anything. Much like the lawyers you should think before running your mouth, or hell, learn to read.

  2. Jfai says:

    Owned by Tacobell. Must be embarassing..

  3. Thanatos says:

    Real beef from really sick cows or something…..still say that no ‘real’ meat takes the shape of the crap in their food. Doesn’t matter either way. I refused to eat there WAY before the lawsuit, and I still won’t be eating there. If I want Mexican, then I go to a REAL Mexican restaurant!

    • afhdlkjafhlskdjf says:

      You sir are an idiot. “still say that no ‘real’ meat takes the shape of crap in their food.” ummm. ground beef. wtf do you think your hamburger looks like before it is formed into a patty? seriously. educate yourself. “It is better to keep your mouth closed and appear a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

      • exilas says:

        you are all idiots thinking that crap that taco bell serves is real beef. that tells me you never made your own tacos at home since i have for many years and my ground beef never once look like that crap they serves there. so you might want to rethink what is real. since all company just have to follow the guide rules on what is real beef doesn’t mean it is real. and i think thanatos right if want real mexican food you don’t go to taco bell you go to a mexican restaurant that you know that uses 100% beef. besides i remember back in the day that taco bell did use real beef then they found a way to give you crap and pass it on as real.

  4. Carissa H says:

    YES! Apologize! I mean seriously, isn’t that what we were always taught to do? Hell, it’s even in the Bible, if you’re into that type of thing.

  5. This Guy says:

    I may not enjoy Taco Bell food, but i wouldn’t go making such ridiculous claims.

    Props to Taco Bell for the ballsy and much deserved ad.

  6. Mr. K says:

    I still wouldn’t eat food from Taco Bell. Even if it is beef. It’s the same USDA level of quality used for cat food.

  7. david Oh says:

    USDA approved doesnt meant your source of meat was still lingering around poop and that its meat wasn’t washed in ammonia.

  8. Anonymous says:

    >35 million customers a week

    I guarantee that 3/5 of those customers are higher than a kite.

    Just saying.

    I miss having a tscobell where I live :_:

  9. […] Taco Bell Wins! Mocks Losers! If you are unfamiliar, law firm Beasley Allen brought a lawsuit against Taco Bell for not selling real beef in […] […]

  10. annabellfromhell says:

    diarrhea not diarea but no worries

  11. Rob says:

    doesnt matter. 88% or 100% i got a burrito there with beans cheese and beef, and it was GROSS. i wont be eating there again unless starving.

  12. srsface says:

    Argue all you want about taco bell, the lawsuit was never about them. The target was the USDA. They were trying to raise public awareness about how ineffective their methods are. My guess is they brought a lot more heat than they expected.

    I wouldn’t want Pepsi AND the USDA mad at me, especially not at the same time for the same thing. The ad is obviously just an insult to injury.

  13. chris says:

    While it IS real beef, there’s on about 35% of it actually in this “beef mixture”! The rest is fillers and all sorts of crap you can’t pronounce! I’m amazed people even eat that shit….but then again, 80% of the American population IS OBESE, so it shouldn’t surprise me.

  14. chris says:

    Anyone who thinks this crap “tastes great” has no taste in good food and no respect for what they put in their body! I would strongly advise everyone to watch the documentary Food Inc.,to see exactly what kind of crap goes into all this fast food you seem to love. Just because its approved by the FDA &USDA, doesn’t mean its ok or even good for you. That merely means that it passes their low standards. 1 of which is the washing of grobee beef with ammonia to kill ecoli and other bacteria. Thats right AMMONIA approved by the USDA!! Watch the documentary and i promise you’ll never eat fast food again! If you do, you’re an idiot!

  15. just sayin like two days after the claims against taco bell came out i went on a taco bell binge. i dont care whats it it if it tastes Delicious

  16. i'mWiNNiNG! says:

    This whole meat thing is just like the 4 year old cheese burger from McDonald’s. Not matter how real it is or fillers & what not PEOPLE ARE STILL EATING IT! Taco bell is AWESOME 88% or 100% “real” meat it doesn’t matter.

  17. sydandtaytum says:

    taco bell is disgusting. i don’t know how people continue to eat there. must be crack in that shit.

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