BSG Season 1 Episode 2 (Movie/TV Club)

Hey a welcome to another day of movie club, or technically the first day here on SourceFed.



As President Laura Roslin makes a ceremonial visit to the Galactica, several explosions occur in the battlestar’s potable water tanks, venting the bulk of its vital water stores into space. Shortly before the explosions, Boomer, a Cylon sleeper agent with no conscious awareness of her status, comes to consciousness in an equipment room, soaking wet, with a bag of explosives at her feet. She and her lover, Chief Galen Tyrol, who believes Boomer is being framed, suppress evidence suggesting her involvement as the sabotage is investigated. Adama concludes there is at least one humanoid Cylon aboard the Galactica.

As the Galactica desperately searches for replacement water supplies, Boomer’s Raptor detects water on a nearby world. She initially fails to recognize the sensor reports, but regains control, reports the discovery of water, and discovers another explosive device aboard her ship.

Adama and President Roslin direct Dr. Baltar to complete the development of a system to identify humanoid Cylons; Adama assigns Lt. Felix Gaeta to assist him. Roslin appoints Lee Adama to be her special military liaison and advisor.

On Caprica, Helo and the second humanoid Cylon in Boomer’s form pick up a Colonial signal from a nearby city, suggesting that there may be other survivors on the planet.


My Thoughts

This episode was really fun to me because you start bouncing around the idea of “Who can I trust?!”  I mean we all know you can’t trust the Boomers and Boomer (On the Gallactica) knows something is wrong, but seems to be fighting with herself.  THE STRUGGLE WITHIN RAWR!!!!  And you’re left kind of rooting for her when she finds the water.

I think Baltar is very cool in this episode.  You really see that while he is out of his mind he is also extremely smart and manipulative.  AAAAAAND Number 6 is GORGEOUS and fantastic in general as always.  I still remember when she hugged me :-p mmm a good day.

Anyways, I’m glad newcomers to the series and rewatchers are enjoying it as much as it seems.

Below let me know what you thought about this episode, how you’re liking it, who is your favorite character/relationship etc.!!!


And of course

AlsoIf these get popular enough I may open a forum for it, but lets take it one step at a time.

And remember if you want to join movie club you can watch what we watch many ways but if you use you get a free month trial of streaming movies/tv shows and it helps us out here.

38 Comments on “BSG Season 1 Episode 2 (Movie/TV Club)”

  1. sourcefed says:

    Oh hai. Anyone here? If so introduce yoself fool!!


  2. metabie says:

    Uhm , this is kinda akward … i’m actually here for a date … ohno wait that’s another day when the world wasn’t destroyed! Battlestar Gallactica is blowing my mind^^

  3. cakeisalie says:

    Had class this morning at 9 AM and stayed up till 4 AM watching Battlestar Galactica… Lol sorry i went ahead in the episodes we were supposed to watch 😀

    • sourcefed says:

      lol nah thats cool. I was worried I had given too much stuff to watch yesterday. BSG is like that though. You get sucked in and cant stop. Its the reason why 6 months ago all my shows were late. BC I couldnt sleep.

      • cakeisalie says:

        I’ve never watched Battlestar Galactica until last night to so i had to much of a rush to ever go to sleep… Well worth it though.

  4. Paul says:

    I think I will have a BSG marathon tonight to catch up. I heard about this show years ago but never tried it until last year when I finally picked it up. I love Katee as Starbuck, I’m one of those guys that love women that kick ass.
    It’s fun trying to figure out who you can trust.
    I never realized there was a miniseries until Phil mentioned it so I’m checking that out right now.
    I am looking forward to a lot of discussion on this show.

    • Paul says:

      I actually did watch the Miniseries, I guess I checked it out online before I bought the DVD’s. Anyways it’s definitely fun to re-watch though I’m commenting to mention I forgot how much I hate the doctor. I’m not sure what it is but I never enjoyed that character.

  5. ScottyG says:

    Hey, what’s up Phil? So I’m a little late getting started, and was wondering would I be lost if I skipped over the mini-series? I’m having trouble finding it, plus thats a lot to catch up on.
    I’m sure once I can actually afford Netflix, I’ll go back and watch it, but for now I kinda want to catch up.


  6. SDNY says:

    Grrrr….why did the movie club have to exist with my 12 page paper due date??

    love it though! wish there were more opportunities like this for a little community of movie/tv appreciation.
    And thanks, Phil for putting me in your video!

  7. proofisinthepudding says:

    does this mean no more video reviews? D=

  8. motazturk says:

    BSG!!! is awesome!!! i just finished watching it last week!!!! but i think i will rewatch it with you guys cause its the kind of show that you can watch 100 times and never get bored IMO!!!

  9. tay says:

    phil, i can’t believe u can like baltar- in this episode, or any episode! he’s such a weasel!! he is the perfect example of someone who is a smart sociopath. i feel like i’ve met guys that are so extremely intelligent, but have no interest in helping anyone but themselves. overall, a completely infuriating character played brilliantly by james callis. only an actor that good can piss me off so much.

  10. Zac says:

    I didn’t get to the episode for today. Still in exams and after seeing how addicted everyone got I decided not to risk it 😛
    Miniseries was AWESOME though!
    It’s hard to focus on textbooks knowing this show is just waiting to be watched.

  11. Nick says:

    I totally agree with Phil on Baltar. He iswithout a doubt one of if not the most interesting characters not just in this episode, but throughout the series. Won’t go into details to avoid spoilers but Baltar is the only character I’ve ever found who can pull off being a douchbag religious fanatic scientist who doubles as a politician and a messianic figure.

  12. Brynne says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the first episode after the miniseries 33 when everyone is exhausted the entire episode and being found by the Cylons every 33 minutes?

  13. marilyn says:

    love love love bsg. I love watching the series again and just keep falling in love.

  14. Isshak says:

    Hey! French fan here. I can’t use netflix but I found…other means to watch it 😀 and I AM LOVING IT!
    I’m going to send a video response, I hope my accent won’t be too bad so I can do it regularly like car guy.

  15. Ashley Sarah says:

    This show is awesome. I have been watching it non-stop and have finished season 1.

  16. Earthum says:

    Phil, I love that you introduced me to BSG. Now I want to suggest the show Jericho to you. It’s about a small town, and America being nuked, and AWESOME.

  17. matty959 says:

    Phil when you said you where watching this in a vlog a while ago I was like ‘I’ve been meaning to try it!’ So I did and I’m now onto Season 3! I love how you introduce me to YouTube (Got me making vlogs!) this website! and BSG!! I LOVE YO FACE!!

    Fave characters have to be Apollo and Helo!! And Samuel when he comes into it. And everyone like Starbuck 😉

    (Your biggest fan) – Matty (YouTube- LetsGoMatty)

  18. jkoonce says:

    Ah man this show, it….well I don’t know. I started watching this show last night and now I am on episode six. I was very skeptical about this show, but I am very glad I started to watched this.

  19. Hans Marius says:

    Okay, so I really want to watch Battlestar, but I can’t find a Website to watch it(I Don’t live in the US, so no netflix :< )

    I cannot find any Website that shows the mini-series 😦

  20. ScottyG says:

    So a day late, but I thought I’d give my feedback anyways.
    To start things off, holy shit! When boomer was reaching for the detonator while scouting, I was freaking out! At the end of the miniseries when I found out she was a cylon I was actually disappointed, but now I’m really liking the story arch they’re setting up with her!
    I’m starting to get upset with President Roslin though. At first I liked the struggle between her and Adama (politics vs military, utilitarianism vs humanitarianism etc.) but now I feel she’s becoming kind of sneaky. No me gusta.

    Gonna get fully caught up tonight! Thanks for turning me on to such a great series!

  21. hillso says:

    Aggh, I love this series so much! I think that, when you’re a huge fan of a series, you always kind of wish you could live there if it’s a fun series. What sets this series apart from most of the shows I’ve been a fan of is that this world is just bleak as hell and I STILL would want to be there fighting for survival alongside everybody else.

    As for the Asian dude who was asking if they were saying “frick”? If you’re reading, they’re saying “frak”, which is BSG for “fuck”, because this was originally aired on Sci-Fi and couldn’t have much naughty language. But holy crap do they get inventive with camera angles.

  22. Tyler says:

    Actually watched this series from the very beginning when it first aired. It was horiable having to wait a week between episodes. And than several months between seasons. But since than ive rewatched the series three times.

    If you guys think season one is good, just wait. It gets better.

  23. darlene says:

    wow. ahh i cant believe ive never watched this! ive been watching a season everyday. i guess im a little obsessed.

  24. Vash says:

    I actually started watching this a month ago. Netflix kept shoving this in my face and I was always a rebel about it, thinking no! I wont watch it netflix, but then I was sick for a few days so I said what the heck. Started watching it and it really is a good series, season two is a bit slow but gets better. The whole boomer thing, that stuff pissed me off, i mean come on! What was the head mechanic thinking covering for her! You gotta know if shit hits the fan, its your fault too!

    • paulhillier says:

      A lot of characters on these show are very flawed and don’t use there brain very much when emotionals are involved. Also some of them just totally think with what’s between there legs.

  25. sarah says:

    yes! i watched the first 4 episodes of BSG two weeks ago and loved it! I was never bothered to watch any of the movies except the sci-fi ones, but now that i know BSG is going to be part of Movie Club… AHHHH i’m so in!

  26. LouisA says:

    I’m kind of lost, I started watching season 1 episode 1 but it seemed like I missed a lot – but I don;t see how that happened since its its S1E1 :s

    • paulhillier says:

      There was a miniseries before it that is very important for some backstory. It’s totally worth checking out, you can catch up if you don’t but somethings won’t be clear for awhile.

  27. lynx says:

    would love to join this movie club. I do have a netflix subscription . but they dont provide this series for Canadian users. Along with alot of other great content that I dont have access to. One sad panda

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