Alison Brie is my new favorite person today.

Alison Brie is easily one of the funniest women on tv right now, so rather than respect her for her craft lets objectify her for the next 5 minutes. HOOOOOOOOOOT.  In summation:  While many people say there is nothing hotter than a girl who is funny, I must correct them and say, “that there is nothing better than a hot girl……in her underwear”.

Also if you haven’t seen her on “Community” you are wasting useful time that could be spent laughing.

14 Comments on “Alison Brie is my new favorite person today.”

  1. Rob Ervin says:

    You sir, have now elevated yourself to an even higher plain of greatness. I bow to your wisdom and power.

  2. Hey Phil,

    Can you check out and see if something that can work as an idea? It’s like Twitlonger but way more awesome because I built it! lol Thanks. Big fan.

  3. lectro89 says:

    Ok, Community just got my attention again. and its funny how the show started her off as being the innocent one, and now she’s such a hottie…

  4. Yea they really play down her looks on the show. Irrelevant note

  5. Armannd says:

    You are a gentleman and a pimp.

  6. Geoff says:

    Yeeeeesss. I love her. Community

  7. tedzey says:

    Phil, you made my day! If you want more people to watch community, recommend it for the new movie/tv show club after battlestar galatica! It’s such a great show!

  8. LightningNC says:


  9. TM says:

    Was the image of cee lo green really needed?

  10. TJ Rowland says:

    She is a slamhound for SURE!

  11. The Palmtop Tiger says:

    Alison Brie is awesome.

  12. geekoftruth says:

    Have you heard her story of college debauchery? You must do so, Mr. PhillyD! This is totally a valid link and not at all spam. It’s also the first google result for “Allison Bree college”

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