Bill O’Reilly Debunks Obama Birthers

That was the sound of millions of liberals and conservatives heads exploding all at once. YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN THAT!

As I’ve stated many times before, while I think Bill is a bit of an uppity douchebag he proves to be the voice of reason amongst the extremists we think of when we think of our two main political parties.

30 Comments on “Bill O’Reilly Debunks Obama Birthers”

  1. @SH_TomUrtz says:

    Until people see the actual birth certificate they will question it. The only thing that would have made this better is if… he did LIVE

  2. Until people see the actual birth certificate they will question it. The only thing that would have made this better is if… he did LIVE

  3. db says:

    Why it such a big deal to show the thing!

    • Rick says:

      um….he has. he showed it the first time all this nonsense started picking up steam. People will just believe what they want to believe, especially idiots. They could have it 2 feet in front of their face with 40 people telling them it is the real thing in a chorus and still not believe it. That is just the way it is.

    • Sam says:

      It’s because people believe he’s not an American citizen. If he was born anywhere other than the U.S., then that will be reflected in the birth certificate. If this is true, then he’s not an American citizen, and by law, that means he cannot be President. That’s why the birth certificate is such a hot-button issue.

      • sam says:

        No. Not being born in the U.S. doesn’t mean he isn’t a citizen. There are a bunch of other ways to be a citizen.

        Being President has more criteria than just being a citizen though. One of those is to be natural born citizen (as opposed to just a citizen).

  4. Jack says:

    ‎It’s interesting to see how bat-shit crazy Bill O’Reilly acts until he needs to make the Republicans/Faux News not seem out of their minds. (e.g., when election time creeps up on them).

    • wallyb says:

      i feel like you’re one of the of the people that thinks fox news is the only newsource that is biased….
      SPOILER ALERT: every goddamn news source is biased. grow some balls.

      • JT says:

        Correction: It’s a safe bet every American news source is biased. Some other countries actually make it impossible to report on a topic if the information is inaccurate.

        FOX made sure, though a legal battle with a group trying to expose Monsanto’s milk issue, that they can report on anything they like with any spin they like, since there’s no law specifically opposing them.

        But CNN is “protected” by the same lack of a law, this is true.

  5. WE’LL DO IT LIVE!!!

  6. Caithegreat13 says:

    I’m impressed. O’reily wasn’t yelling or flinging his poop. 😀

  7. Nick says:

    I love how there are Liberals who are still bashing Bill O’ Reilly after he not only helped out the Democratic Party PUBLICLY on FOX NEWS, but he also shut up Republicans who are still skeptical of Obama and the first lady. O’ Reilly bashers, SHUT THE HECK UP!!!

  8. spiffcorgi says:

    Strange that when it comes to politics he’s all about the “straight facts” yet when scientists provide him with factual reasons for the tides he choose to “believe” that it was God and directly ignores those facts…

    • 12908 says:

      Woah, wait. You misunderstand. I saw that. His point was not that tides are magical, but that there is intelligent design. The more I learn science, the more I’m amazed by God. But yeah, he probably could have found a better example.

  9. indiexsublime says:

    Jeez, does anyone else see how racist these allegations are? No one questioned Clinton or Bush, and they didn’t release any of those files.

    • buckyboy says:

      Pretty sure GWs dad was president before. Being that his dad was born in the US I guess little Georgie was too. Everyones families are immigrants but not all are so close in the bloodline as Obamas. Quit with race card. Hes the president. He will be scrutinized. He singed up for it.

  10. J5 says:

    . . . stop your presses Lennon, you call me me Mr. Bill O’Reilly. When it comes to squashing limeys I come recommended highly . . .

  11. CassidyK says:

    They keep saying “Certificate of Live Birth” People….a birth certificate and a certificate of Live birth are 2 different things. Anyone can get a certificate of Live Birth, you do not have to be an American citizen. A birth Certificate on the other hand is extremely hard to get.

    • Elizabeth M says:

      You cannot get a certified copy of the long form birth certificate from Hawaii. It is illegal. You can go look at it on the file but if you want a copy that is published by the state, they give you the short form. That is true even if Obama himself asked for it. Why are you asking Obama to do something illegal? If he snuck a copy, you’d complain it wasn’t authentic but the state won’t certify it anyway, so what’s the point? Also the short form can be obtained by anyone but it won’t show that you were born in Hawaii, it will show the state is certifying you were born wherever your records show you were born. It won’t make up a lie and say that I was born in the US, if it did, every Mexican would be on a flight to Hawaii right now to get citizenship. Don’t be daft.

  12. D3nn1s10 says:

    so there is a law that says they can’t release the document. But does it really matters, maybe it is time America gets someone with a international view, not just a pro-American view.

    • brandon says:

      yeah sure buddy, lets see if other countries roll with the same idea and have Americans run their country as their leader. Im sure that’ll go over really well. We don’t need an “internation view” now a days the information that is available is infinte just look online(trusted online sources ofcourse) that internation view idea is straight up bull shit

  13. Danny says:

    I just had the most awesome chicken nuggets.

  14. Jackofassses says:

    I can’t help but watch this and think that he’s not doing this to help Obama, but rather to bring up things that may have upset people in the past/that may make Obama look somewhat dishonest or secretive.

    Most of what he says is basically “He hasn’t released this, but…” Most people of course, will ignore the “but” part of it and focus on the “what he hasn’t done/released” part.

    Bringing up his wife also serves little purpose other than to make people think “20 aids? Why would you need 20 aids?” and “Why is her law license inactive”?

    Just seems a little too nice coming from Bill, sadly though, I know i’m falling into the trap. At the end of the day people like me will doubt the sincerity of this, and he’ll then turn around to say that people are accusing him of X and have one of his crazy rants.

    /end rant

  15. gaztopian says:

    Elections are close, don’t you guys think its time to let this go lol

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