Mortal Kombat Knows Its Audience

The Mortal Kombat marketing team knows their audience is full of pervy kids. I’m no different. I mean half the reason I played DOA was because I loved grappling moves using chicks with boobs the size of my head. Anyways enough of why I was a virgin til I was 18; these are the 3 “for web” videos they made.

Who do you think is the hottest?

71 Comments on “Mortal Kombat Knows Its Audience”

  1. Zack says:

    The characters are wearing THONGS in the game. Why are the cos-play girls wearing BOOTY SHORTS and not THONGS?!?! I have to agree with Phil though, Mileena was the hottest one out of the three.

  2. William says:

    Without a doubt Melina!!!

  3. Ricky says:

    for sure, Mileena had the most make-up though. im pretty sure any of the girls could’ve been in her costume and it would have been the hottest.

  4. Gabe says:

    Damn, dissapointed with Kitana! Guess you gotta give it to Mileena..

  5. robert blazevic says:

    sonia blade had a very very nice pair of tits, but mileena wins

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  7. Vlad says:

    Their all hot and wouldn’t turn either down. Mileena is kind of cheating with the covered face and chest make-up. So Kitana it is!

  8. blaze says:

    melina or sonya they are both hot

  9. Nick says:

    I’m definitely getting this game. Just to play as Mileena. :))

  10. pete says:

    everyone knows that jesus loves booty shorts. jesus thinks thongs are the devil.

  11. […] Mortal Kombat Knows Its Audience The Mortal Kombat marketing team knows their audience is full of pervy kids. I’m no different. I mean half the reason I […] […]

  12. alex says:

    girl in black has nice boobes

  13. Matt says:

    Yep Mileena, Hands down!

  14. Jason says:

    I don’t know what you are talking about, Kitana is the hottest by far!

  15. john says:

    Pro Marketing strategy.

  16. Brandon says:

    Sonya all the way… oh my godddddd (i have a thing for blondes)

  17. Zion says:

    Mileena is the hottest

  18. Darren Normand says:

    I’d vote for all of them 😀

  19. Roman says:

    I agree, Mileena is the hottest, but hey, if I had the chance, I’d take them all.

  20. Jon says:

    A vote for Sonya is a vote for America

  21. Tom says:

    Kitana for me

  22. Asrodrig says:

    Kitana is definitely the hottest. That’s not even opinion; that’s an observable fact.

  23. MaJieMao says:

    If there was a Jade, like there should be she would win

  24. Justin says:

    Definitely Melina! Kitana and Sonya are plain butterfaces…. O_o

  25. Snoekims says:

    How about all three of them? Because all three are hot… haha.

  26. tk says:

    damn its fake tits…. like actually… they have something covering them in flesh colour

  27. NessY says:

    hahaha, my votes were…

    Sexiest costume
    1st girl!
    hottest Person
    2nd girl
    dumbest facial expression
    3rd girl x-D

  28. jen says:

    I respectfully disagree with Phil – Kitana does it for me.

  29. justaguy says:

    Lets see ones for scantily clad male characters! 😀

  30. Hemant Shewnarain says:

    Who are the models in the videos?

  31. kart says:

    hey guys, where is the video and by what name??
    Can u pls put the link as a comment…..

  32. Mike says:

    Gimme a break mileena doesnt even got tits…chek video again ull see they r fake coustume ones and just aded some body make up over it…KITANA FTW ^_^

  33. Miguel says:

    i think sonya was the best

  34. Cirnan says:

    Well, they’re all hot. I’m not picky I’ll take all three of them.

  35. martin says:

    The 3 girls are hot, i cant choosse !!

  36. Bobert says:

    Definitely Kitana =D and it doesn’t help either that Mileena is really a demon clone of Kitana who eats men >.>

  37. tom says:

    I’m pretty sure the chicks who played the original characters in the movies were hotter

  38. d3s says:

    i met all of them in real life :V. I lost all my hormones cause of that.

  39. Joe says:

    Kitana in mileena’s costume would just make me happy time in my pants all day long, and so for that it has to be Kitana 😀 sorry phil but her eyes just scare me…

  40. J_breez says:

    They automatically put the chick that was Sonya blade at a disadvantage by her having the least sluttiest outfit of the 3, both kitana and mileena had all the goods on display, Sonya just had some clevage… Plus mileena had on a facemask and titty makeup (they rigged it lol).

  41. Caleb says:

    Melina is the hottest.

  42. Sebastian says:

    They are all very hot, but Kitana is the HOTTEST one. Kitana has the best body overall 🙂

  43. rawrrawrrawr says:

    This isn’t even cosplay. Yeah, they dressed up as the characters, but they obviously didn’t do shit except pose. They didn’t do their makeup, didn’t make their costume, and you can tell they’ve never even played the game. *sigh* There are so many nerdy chicks that look just of good, do the work, enjoy the game, and have real boobs that size. =_=

  44. Daniel Alvarez says:

    ms.blade wins for me

  45. GoGettaGon says:

    sexy mileena is def the hottest chick out of the 3

  46. Stevie Adams says:

    Do you reckon that they will ever do one for Soul Calibur? I sincerly hope that they do…..

  47. Ashley says:

    They are all absolutely beautiful but Mileena wins

  48. RaptorX says:

    if the girl playing sonya didnt look like she was stoned or stupid i would have voted for her just cause of her tits….

    kitana was a disappointment… so it goes to meleena.

  49. docturlough says:

    I have to say, there is ONLY ONE WAY to choose the victor in this battle.

    We will have to recreate the mud-catfight from Mortal Kombat 2, but with three women, and anything goes.

    I say we boycott the game until we see that.

  50. Victor says:

    Really guys? My fav is Sonya, then Kitana

  51. ThatGuyWhosAwesome says:

    Why no love for Jade?

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