I Slept with Your Sister Drunk Dial

In his defense, she does have some big ass titties…..

11 Comments on “I Slept with Your Sister Drunk Dial”

  1. DavidLaw says:

    I lol’d for three reasons

    1. Well its just hilarous
    2.His gramer im a bad speller and what not but still -.-
    3.Hes so foward

    Now im going to sleep its 1 am

  2. Josh says:

    Haha epic! If only we could see the outcome! Hey Phil if you ever want an intern from the UK.. I’m pretty awesome.

    • John doe says:

      lool and intern?… interning for what exactly? I’m sure phil doesnt need help sitting in his bedroom reading news stories and speaking into a camera… with all respect to phil of course lol… about intern… as if it were a trade you could learn….. i wish it were, it would be sooo easy…. anywho i digress! Stop making us in the UK look bad! xD

  3. Cardus says:

    thumbs up for keeping his cool about it

  4. jo says:

    ima make it up to you tonight.. aaaite?
    yeah keep em ready

  5. justina says:

    I bet he’ll get there and wonder why she didn’t make dinner to go with his champagne.

  6. Dallas says:

    Why dont you have big ass titties?!?1

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