Katrina Bowden Sexiest Women Alive?

Katrina Bowden most well known for her recurring role on 30 Rock has been crowned Esquire Magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive Award.  I’m not one to argue because I wouldn’t toss Katrina out of bed, but what do you think of the “Me In My Place” photo shoot below?


31 Comments on “Katrina Bowden Sexiest Women Alive?”

  1. Tony says:

    YES! Love 30 Rock with her in it!

  2. Mr Mackeigan says:

    Humina humina humina!

  3. Harry Elwell says:

    Two words: “dat ass”.

    She’s hot, I don’t know about hottest alive though…

  4. Chuugrend says:

    @Harry Elwell

    Well said sir, well said.

  5. olsta says:

    ha one day my mom asked me who is the pretty young one on 30 rock, and i said katrina bowden, and she was talking about jane krakowski.

  6. Bowlove says:

    I disagree…I mean, she’s hot and everything. But sexiest woman ALIVE? Really? … Really? I would like to know who the runners up were.

  7. dave-kun says:

    Sexy whos is there to say no? But the sexiest in the world, to be honest, only the love of my life. But katrina is still facking hawt.

  8. Nestor says:

    Hmmm I read “me in my place” and I was almost certain it would have a picture of her in the kitchen but alas I was proven wrong.

  9. James Gordon says:

    Hot damn.
    Some nice backoff, a cute face, but not quite hottest alive for me. About number 14 on my list of all things sexy.

  10. littlebitcanadian says:

    I may be a girl but I can appreciate another girl’s hotness…she definitely has a nice ass…but hottest in the world?? Hmmm…I think she has a couple girls to compete with…Yvonne Strahovski comes to mind as just one.

  11. jasper says:

    Katie Banks from katiebanks.com is the sexiest woman alive

  12. whatevsbro says:

    Definitely pretty.
    But sexy? I’ve seen kittens with more sex appeal.
    Sexiest alive? Hellllllll no.

  13. OHMYGODDAM says:


  14. Yeah, here ass is probly perfect but she is not the sexiest woman alive no but she is def in top 10 just cuz of that bum.

  15. Chelseamy says:

    so hot. i would do dirty things with her.

  16. Tinipple says:

    I dunno bout u guys, but I think she kinda favours Linz in some of these pics. Phil, u lucky bastard.

  17. alexandra says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! but there’s not a huge difference between her and a hundred other hot girls!

    Well said Elwell, well said: “dat ass”

  18. Bob Loblaw says:

    I would eat a mile of her turd just to see where it came from.

  19. Adrian says:

    yeah, i agree, shes perfect!

  20. scott says:

    like you didnt google her the first time you saw her in 30 rock. and to all the people saying she’s not the hottest, who’s your hottest? because only 2 people have named replacements. one of them wasnt hot, the other was a softcore pornstar. lol come on now.

  21. Zach the Unholy says:

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

  22. DJ Diddles says:

    Rosie Jones is hotter :). But this chick is still pretty damn hot.

  23. a says:


  24. no says:

    hottest woman alive? seriously who was the runner up hannah montana??

  25. Dilan says:

    My penis disagrees with you all. Hottest. Women. I’ve. Seen. Today.

  26. Hadlen says:


  27. Julia Avila says:

    Sxephil Brought me here, and she looks alot like Phils Girlfriend. But yeah shes pretty… But I dont think shes hottest alive?

  28. wunderjeeson says:

    I think she looks like a younger Cameron Diaz with less muscles

  29. Nighty17 says:

    I like how she has no curves. =D

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